Saturday, September 5, 2009

Checking In.

No, I have not disappeared to have the baby. He is still safely enclosed in my belly.

It was a hectic week- not doing really much of anything except soaking up gorgeous weather and watching my ankles swell- and we have visitors in town this weekend.
Dan and I are going to a wedding this morning followed by a brunch. I've known the bride since fifth grade. :)
My OB appointment this week was thoroughly unremarkable. Only point of interest was that the midwife thinks the baby is average sized, and will be between 7-8 pounds at birth. That was good to hear... though I'm still not convinced that he will not be 25 inches long. All systems are go.
Dan took Thursday and Friday off, making a 5 day weekend for himself, and we are all off kilter from the change in routines and schedule.
Back to school for Michaela in three days. We are still working on getting her to bed at a decent time. She met her teacher on Thursday afternoon and she is young and pretty and it seems like a very nice class filled with good kids. She is not terribly excited about returning to school, saying she'll miss being home with us. And the feeling is mutual: she takes good care of Jenna and I.
Enjoy the weekend!

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