Friday, September 18, 2009

First Day of School: Preschool Edition

Today was Jenna's first full morning of preschool in the big 4 year old class. She sported a new dress and leggings, and carried a toy cell phone, Barbie compact, and a tube of Princess chapstick in her pocket. Just in case.

'Cause a girl's got to be prepared for anything preschool may throw at her.

She had a great morning, as did I: I spent the time getting a massage, eating a hot blueberry bagel and reading the newspaper uninterrupted.

Doing her job of the day: watering plants

In front of her cubby

Jenna and Mrs. Glaser


Anonymous said...

Jenna is certainly off to a great start! AND thank goodness she had all her accessories "just in case." Sounds like her mom ALSO enjoyed the morning! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

Both girls happily ensconced in wonderful, nurturing educational you can fell free to welcome Bubbles to the world! Love, LW