Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School: Third Grade Edition

The Third Grader and the 4-Year Old Preschooler

The new sneakers

The new backpack

Today was the big day: return to school for the Miminator.
We have been trying to get her to bed a little earlier the last few days, since she's been sleeping in until 9am and her bus comes at 8:54am. But we needn't have worried, as she was up and dressed by 7:35am this morning.
Who's ready to go back?

We spent the remaining time doing a fresh french manicure on her nails (because, let's face it, a girl's gotta look good for her first day of THIRD GRADE), straightening her hair, packing her backpack with her lunch, water bottle, and back-to-school forms, showing off her new sneakers, and fielding an early-morning good luck call from Uncle Brian.
Dan went in late to work so he could witness the whole event.
Jenna was also getting ready for her orientation day today (just 20 minutes to pick out her cubby, get her picture taken and generally re-acclimate to preschool), and running up and down the hall in her new sneakers. She seemed very excited to know that next year she'll be getting on the bus with Sissy to go to all-day kindergarten. Thank goodness I'll have the baby boy to keep me from falling apart.
We went outside a little early to take some pics, and then right on time her bus pulled up- good ol' Route 5 bus- with Shawn at the wheel, just like last year. We were thrilled: he's an AWESOME bus driver. And Michaela jumped on, smiling, ready, and excited.

She's a third grader now.


Anonymous said...

Why are my eyes tearing and I'm not even the mom? SO glad Mimi got off good-she was ready to go back even though she will miss her mom and sister. Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....I hope she doesn't tip over backwards from that humungous backpack! You just keep right on putting off that school day empty nest! She is such a delight.....lucky teacher! Love, LW

Katie and Ben said...

Ah the days of looking forward to the first day of school! We wish Michaela lots of luck (and fun) in third grade.

Katie & Ben