Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Boy Libutti

We joyfully announce the birth of Alec John Libutti on September 24, at 4:32pm. He weighed 9lbs 3 oz. Baby and Mom are doing great!


Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Welcome to the family Alec! We are so happy to hear that everyone is doing well, and we can't wait to hold him in person. Love to all 5 Libuttis!

Claudia said...

Cheryl, Dan, Michaela and Jenna:

All the best to the new family member. Enjoy your time with little Alec.

Alec: Welcome to a great family!

All the best,

Em said...

Congrats! He's perfect!

Anonymous said...

God is good! Welcome, grandson! Love, Gammie and Pop Pop
PS Pops cannot wait to play catch!

Anonymous said...

It seemed like you were pregnant a LONG we know why....Alec looks 3 months old! We rejoice in his blessed arrival! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

Cheryl and Dan,
Congratulations to you and your Family... Welcome to Alec, we can't wait to meet him.
I am sure the girls will be wonderful " little mommies" to him.
Take care and Enjoy your son.
Love from,
the Bundalos

Anonymous said...

Teddy says it is really good luck to be born while the Yankees are this far ahead. Alec may get to see them win a world series before he's even month old! Congratulations!

Heather and David Davies

Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryl and Dan-

Congratulations! I'm so happy that you had a boy. I thinking of you all.


Great-grandma Hope

Anonymous said...

Ok. Had a chance to blow that picture up real big. The iPhone did not do him justice. Alec is sooo cute!'. And the question is: who's chin does he have?


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, Dan, Mimi, Nenna,
Congratulations on the birth of Alec John. What a wonderful blessing and addition to our family! Welcome Alec!! We've all been waiting and anticipating your birth. We are so happy for all of you, especially Cheryl. God bless all of you. Go Yankees!!!
Love Tim and Char