Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Part II

This summer I did a lot of work at my house, mostly sorting and reorganizing things. Sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was kind of boring.
A big project I worked on was the playroom. I moved lots of toys down there, organized all my craft supplies, and made some room so Jenna could move into Michaela's room. I am glad that project is over.

We put new shelves in the playroom closet and I put almost everything into plastic bins. Dan was very afraid that I was going to put him into a plastic bin, too.

All my sewing supplies, fabric and notions... out of ghetto plastic bags and into nice neat plastic shoeboxes.

The wall of shelves in the playroom: toys on the bottom, DVDs, CDs, boxes to hold the girls' schoolwork, and picture albums at the top.

Another big project I worked on was getting the room ready for the baby. I really love the new baby's room.

Out with the pink and green... in with the blue. Michaela loved painting!

Now we are ready for fall.

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Anonymous said...

My organized little heart skipped a beat when I saw the pictures of your wonderful closets.....what did people DO before they invented plastic bins?! Summer's now officially over; Fall's here, so it's time to start a new chapter.....bringing Bubbles home to his beautiful little nest! Love, LW