Monday, August 31, 2009

Forecast: Showers all Weekend

I was lucky enough to attend two baby showers this weekend, one as a guest and one as The Person Being Showered. I had such a great time at both, because who doesn't love to take a break from real life, sit around with other women, eat cake and ohh and ahhh at adorable baby paraphernalia? Count me IN.

So Saturday was the shower for our family friend Kristie, who is due a few weeks after me. She is pregnant with her first baby and I am so happy and excited for her. We have known each other since birth, and it is fun to share this experience with her. Her family is also very excited, which I think maybe clouding their judgement a tad, because all I heard all day was "WOW! Look at how BIG you are! Kristie BARELY looks pregnant!" and as you can see from the below picture, is just not true. But I know how crazy people get about the whole pregnancy thing, so instead of reminding them that I am a few inches shorter and on my THIRD CHILD, I just laughed and smiled and agreed that yes, I certainly AM HUMONGOUS.

They did a super cute thing at the shower that I loved: brought a drying rack and filled it with baby clothes. So adorable and an easy, fun idea/ decoration.

Then Sunday afternoon was my turn! My friend Sara had a small shower at her house with a few of our close friends and what a wonderful, love-filled afternoon it was. Since my baby boy is probably the last of the 17 babies all of us have borne, I got spoiled with wonderful gifts, as well as a Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate ice cream shower cake.

Yes, I have amazing friends who know exactly how to make me happy.

Later I celebrated my fun day by getting horribly dizzy- not the flighty blond dizzy; more like the why won't the room stop spinning when I haven't had anything fun to drink? kind of dizzy. And then an hour later it became clear that I had some kind of stomach bug when I started puking. But it was over quickly enough and I laid low the rest of the night and today am mostly back to rights. Hopefully that fulfills my stomach virus quota for the next 12 months.

23 days 'til my due date.


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend it was celebrating Kristie (who, by the way, HARDLY looks pregnant-tee hee) and YOU, my adorable and wonderful daughter! Soon we will meet Master Libutti! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, if this is, indeed, your last pregnancy I say you SHOULD go for it in a big way! I can't wait to see you in person! Love, LW