Saturday, August 15, 2009

Local Girl Tries Out High Dive; Parents Stunned.

A local seven year old has stunned her parents by voluntarily diving off the high dive at her town park's pool.

Michaela Libutti, 7 and three quarters, was at the Elm Ave. Park yesterday when she announced to her mother that she was heading to the diving pool.

"I was surprised," said Cheryl Libutti, Libutti's mom, who appeared barely old enough to have an almost eight year old daughter. "But I grabbed my camera and walked over to the diving pool with her... mostly with the expectation of calming her down when she freaked out about how high the diving board was."

Libutti was apparently buoyed by friends Michael, Aidan and Sara, who joined her in the diving pool.
Libutti patiently waited in line, then calmly but slowly climbed the steps. Looking briefly out over the pool, she jumped forward and went off the board. After re-emerging out of the water, she was greeted by the astonished cheers of her mother.

"All I could think of was 'who is this kid?'", said Cheryl Libuttti. "Her father and I have encouraged her to do many things that she has resisted- getting her ears pierced, riding on roller coasters, learning to ride a two-wheel bike- and she is steadfast in not doing what she doesn't want to do. This is a great accomplishment for Michaela and a great confidence booster."

"I just wanted to go off it!" stated an exuberant Michaela Libutti. "It was a lot of fun... I went off it, like, five times!"

"Wicked!" stated Dan Libutti, Michaela's father, when told of her adventures upon returning home from work. "I'm really proud of her. It takes guts to go off a diving board that high." has obtained exclusive video of the event, shown below. Other pictures from the day, featuring Libutti's sister Jenna, are also available.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Michaela did NOT inherit her grandma's fear of diving or her Uncle Brian's fear of heights. GOOD FOR YOU, M!! We are VERY proud of you! Looks like the Libutti girls had a GREAT time at the town park. AND their mom is BARELY old enough to have 2.8 children-a child bride, to be sure. Love, Gammie and Pops

Mark, Carrie, and Luke Winterhoff said...

Great post! Love the video, too. We're so impressed by Michaela's bravery! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

I think Michaela's Gammie and Pops, who also look far too young to be the grandparents of an 8 year old, are the source of her water skills thanks to their specially installed training pool! I loved seeing those sprinklers.....I think they're new at the Town Park since I was taking the boys. Love, LW

dublinhighdiving said...

Good for her!! Get her in training asap!