Friday, August 28, 2009

Slice of Life. (Or... This is what you get when your kids hijack your camera.)

The girls grabbed my camera the other night and filmed themselves and were very pleased with their results.

It is pretty goofy, in a spastic kind of way, especially the part in the background where their shrill mother yells in from the other room, "DON'T RUN AROUND WITH THE CAMERA, PLEASE!!!"

Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Camera and girls safe and sound....loved the drama! LW

Anonymous said...

The best part was M's dismissing you as you asked them NOT to run around with the camera! She acts like you are an idiot-and so the fun begins!!!! Adorable video! Love, Mommy

Jaime said...

what a cute video!! haha :) i love the Hi, I'm Michaela Lubuuuuddi