Friday, August 14, 2009

Counting down.

Happy Friday.

It is now only 40 days until my due date.

Preparations continue.

Got a bunch of things yesterday with my mom for the baby's room.

Still figuring out a way to wrangle an extra ultrasound out of my new doctors.

Think the baby has dropped... I can now breathe again but am feeling like I better keep my knees together lest he fall out.

Coloring my hair today so I look good in the delivery room. Just kidding. Sort of.

Have decided that another two and a half weeks of pregnancy would be ideal: he'd be full term pretty much but I'd be over with this on the early side.

Bursting to tell people the awesome name we've picked out. Hope I'm not setting the bar too high for your expectations.

Can't wait to see him, hold him, smell him, touch him, and love him all up.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am VERY eager to hear Baby Boy Libutti's name so our nutty family can develop a nick name like Buffy, Tails, Che, Beauty, Boots, Mimi, Nenna, etc. The countdown continues! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

I had a pedicure 10 days before my due date so my toes would look pretty for the delivery...Mike said, I don't think people will be looking at your feet! Well, he was right, but at least it gave me something to focus on (but only have to push once, didn't really need that focal point!) Good luck to you...can't wait for the news and to hear the name you guys picked!
Jen Battle