Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A somewhat bizarre pregnancy symptom I've experienced in the last few weeks is a "theme" my brain seems to choose for the night and then repeats to me all night long.

My sleep is somewhat interrupted by the freaky nerve pain I have only in my right hip from laying on it, and I am left to feel quite like a tipped-over cow: all big and hefty in the middle with spindly arms and legs, barely strong enough to turn myself over. (Which is really not true; nothing on my body has been spindly since I was about eight years old.) So my hip nerve wakes me up and my brain starts screaming the theme at me, and until I fall asleep again, the theme runs through my head.

A few nights ago, it was all about Paris Jackson: Paris!! Paris!! Who will take care of her? Paris!! Who will raise Paris Jackson??? PARIS PARIS PARIS!!!!

Last night's theme? Sonia Sotomayor. Which my brain LOVES to say over and over, with a rolling "R", sort of like this:


Which, if you think about it, can sound kind of like a bovine yelping.


Anonymous said...

I just read a quip that the only time in a woman's life she wishes she were a year older is when she's pregnant....sounds like you might be able to identify with that! Love, LW

Mark, Carrie, and Luke Winterhoff said...

When a friend of mine was pregnant, she was trying to describe to her husband the same feeling you have (the turtle tipped over on its shell with arms/legs flailing in the air-feeling)and asked him what animal he imagined her feeling like. He replied, "I dunno- a beluga whale?!" WRONG thing to say to a pregnant woman. She burst into tears and said, "No, a little beetle on its back!!" Good thing we can laugh about it now!