Monday, July 20, 2009

Internal Dialog.

In my first trimester of this pregnancy, I remember thinking:
Ugh. I feel AWFUL. I am NEVER doing this again! How do women do this over and over?

(Incidentally, we went to a kid's park that has rides over the weekend and Dan went on a swirling ride with Michaela and was sick to his stomach the rest of the day. I tried to use it as a teaching moment for Dan and told him to imagine he felt like this for 10 weeks, and then he has an idea of what the first trimester of pregnancy is like. Oh, and while he's at it, cook us all dinner. He wasn't very amused.)

In my second trimester of pregnancy, I remember thinking:
AHHH! I feel AWESOME!!! I feel INVINCIBLE!! I am bringing LIFE into the world!! I could do this again and again and again! I never want this pregnancy to end!

In my third trimester of pregnancy, I am thinking:
When is this going to be OVER?!? I want to see my baby! I want to hold him and kiss him and love him! I want to lay on my back again! I want to be COMFORTABLE again!! I am NEVER doing this again!*

*Also included in my current internal dialog: Gotta finish cleaning out the nursery. Where is my blue baby bedding? Better get that down from the attic and wash it. Do we still have a bassinet? I need new sheets for my bassinet. Better get to Babies R Us soon and get some stuff. And bottles, right. I need to get bottles. And changing table covers. And nursing pads. Ugh. Not looking forward to that all over again. Should go to Walmart and get all of that stuff. Gotta look at the paint swatches and choose a color to paint the nursery. Will we have time to paint the girls' room also? And that changing table. Yuck. Where can I get a new one? Gotta look online. And get the baby toys out and cleaned. And get the clothes organized. And get the diaper bag ready. And clean the car seat and base... Wait. What was that twinge? Is that a contraction? Am I going into labor?.......


Anonymous said...

Perspective is everything! You will be fine! You are so on top of everything. Your internal dialogue sounds SO much like mine it is scary-different topics, of course! I guess that apple doesn't fall THAT far from this tree! Love, Mommy

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

This post with the list of pre-baby items even makes me anxious and I'm 5 months away! Luckily, it all seems to get done. Only two more months until you hold your baby boy! Much love