Friday, July 24, 2009

Boyfriend Talk and other snippets.

Michaela, Jenna, Dan and I are riding in the car and Michaela suddenly asks, "Guess who my boyfriend is!"

"Uhhh.... Daddy?" I answer.
"No," she says, all exasperated. "He's your HUSBAND, not my boyfriend."
"Oh, I get it..." and I name off two or three boys in her class that I know pretty much drive her nuts.
"NO, no, no... this is an easy one. Guess."
So I give her the answer she's looking for, which I knew all along: her friend Michael.
"Yes!" she answers triumphantly.

"How about you, Jenna? Who's your boyfriend?"
Calmly and confidently Jenna answers, "Barat Obama."

Later in the same trip, Jenna starts whining.
"Please stop whining, Jen," I tell her.
"But I JUST STARTED," she answers.


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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED Jenna's totally logical response about whining.....Maya plans to marry Barack Obama......he's obviously THE MAN! Love, LW