Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Last Glimpses of Jenna's Room.

I loved Jenna's nursery room, with its gentle pink and green color scheme, and am a little sad about dismantling it.
Here are some pictures for posterity, before it undergoes the transformation into blue and brown and boy.

On top of her dresser: four of my favorite pictures of Jenna. The littlest frame is a picture of her at about three days old. The back two are at about seven months, the one on the right showcasing her eating her first Oreo cookie. Everytime I see these picture frames I smile. I have a shelf in the girls' new room to put these pictures on so we can still enjoy them.

Her wallpaper border

Over her changing table

A closeup of some items from her baptism

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Anonymous said...

I always loved that room and now it will soon be ready for Master Libutti! With your decorating skills, I am confident it will be lovely. Love, Mommy