Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Talking Dog: A One- Act Play.

Last night Dan and I were invited- by written invitation- to attend the premiere of Michaela's newest one act play called The Talking Dog. Curtain time was 8:30pm sharp.

Michaela designed the costumes (a cut-up pair of old tights with a doggy-type nose written on it transformed her into the Dog of the title and Jenna sported a green construction paper mask and bodysuit, also made of green construction paper taped onto her as she played The Squeaky Toy) as well as the all-important playbill.

The playbill is a two page document with the title on the cover, a picture of a dog saying "Yo!" on the inside front cover, and the following Order of Events:
1st: Band
2nd: Meet the Actors (with a heart drawn after it)
3rd: Intermission
4th: Show
5th: The End

Scratched out after this is "6th: The ending song", apparently cut due to overall length. Of course- always have your audience leave wanting more.

The Show itself was fairly brief and appeared to be improvised, mostly with Michaela hitting Jenna on the back and Jenna saying "Squeak!" There was some leading around the Talking Dog as Jenna shed her squeaky toy costume and became the Owner holding the Talking Dog on a leash.

There was a big bow at the end and Dan and I clapped heartily. We were thrilled to be able to meet the actors up close after the production and serve them a quick snack before sending them off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they could easily take this show on the road, at least to loving relatives! I can just SEE them performing! Too bad you didn't bring loot to the lib! WHAT KIND of MOM ARE YOU??!! Love, Gammie

Jaime said...

I'm sure Quincy would like to see the play! I know I sure do :)


Anonymous said...

The Libuttis have more fun than a 3 ring circus....which might, by the way, be the next performance! Love, LW