Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy Nesting, Batman.

Ahhh... the nesting instinct has fully taken over my body and brain. Now that we know it's a boy (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??), my brain has gone into full planning mode. Even Dan, who pooh-poohed my idea of getting the room ready before Baby's arrival, has started talking about painting and redecorating the nursery (I've heard rumblings of some kind of baseball mural on one wall that looks like you are playing left field at a major league stadium...).

I look around the house and everywhere I look is a new organization project.

(When I was pregnant with Jenna, I fully took apart and refolded every towel, sheet and linen I had in my linen closet not once but TWICE! Because THAT was going to make me prepared to mother another infant!)

I cleaned up our bedroom last night and finalized two bins to go up into the attic: one of my regular-sized clothes (who wants to stare at clothes they don't fit into anymore?) and a bin of Jenna's 3T and 4T sized clothes, as well as a box of stuffed animals I pried away from Jenna.
I organized the baby boy stuff I have accumulated so far (including some adorable, tiny blue and brown clothing!!) into a bottom drawer in Jenna's dresser.
I have started ripping apart the office/playroom/craftroom, consolidating the office and craft part so there is more room for the playroom part.
The girls' closets need to be organized.
The bedrooms have to be consolidated.
New hooks have to go up in the bathroom.
Underbed storage needs to be purchased.
My crafts supplies/fabric/paper/scrapbook materials have to be consolidated and reorganized.
The toys need to be redistributed.
The baptism dress needs to be cleaned and prepared and proper archival storage needs to be purchased for it for long-term storage.

I made a wish list on the Container Store website and now am in the process of paring it down: because, as I told my mom, we can either eat for the next two weeks OR be super organized with attractive storage boxes and containers.

In my opinion: it's a clear toss-up.


Anonymous said...

YOU are a female Jerry Seinfeld with heart(and baby in belly!). I laughed so hard. I think as much as I love food, I, too, would choose organizational products over groceries! Women LOVE that stuff. Remember my quest for that ONE piece of organization for my kitchen pile that would FINALLY work? Love, Mommie

Anonymous said...

Now if you could just hang each of the girls and eventually your boy on appropriately marked and alphabetized hooks, your worries would be over! Love, LW

Mr and Mrs Willi said...

A little boy! Yay... are you in for a shock.
Blessings, Gretchen