Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blankets for REAL babies.

I made a bunch of blankets for Michaela's stuffed animals and Jenna's baby dolls for Christmas and had a blast... all straight seams, quite hard to mess up completely. They've been a big hit and so when I found out I was pregnant, I decided I would make blankets for the baby as well.

So I hit the fabric store the other day and picked up this lusciousness.

Can you tell I am using a blue and chocolate brown theme? There's so much of it around that I have lots of options. I bought both solid blue and solid brown flannel for softness, patterns in a smooth cotton, and I splurged and bought a whole yard of the minky-soft light blue with the raised dots for $13/ yard. Whoo-hoo... I KNOW how to party.

Not sure exactly when I'll get to this sewing... so many other projects to get to. My organizing is going well thus far... I've made good progress and will show pictures when I'm done.
Enjoy the day!

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Anonymous said...

AND the nesting continues! You are SO adorable, my sweet daughter! The material is beautiful and your son (sounds great, doesn't it?) will be comfortable in the many blankies you will create so lovingly! Love, Mommy