Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jenna!

Dear Jenna,

You turned four years old this morning!! What an amazing ride these last four years have been! Your gentle beauty and sweetness has charmed all who know you. You were a tough baby who knew what she wanted, and that was to be comforted constantly, but all of that love given to you now flows out of you in words and actions.

Now you are, quite possibly, the easiest of four year olds. You are my constant buddy, a fun shopping mate, a quiet companion who loves being home and helping me out around the house. Your favorite activity is laundry, helping me take out the wet clothes and after they have been placed in the dryer, slamming to door with great satisfaction. You are low-key and easy going for the most part, playing with your babies all day, dressing and undressing them, taking them for walks around the house in their strollers, and feeding them your special "binachos" baby food.

You are tremendous fun, with a highly developed sense of humor, and a high level of maturity. You are bright and observant yet in many ways show signs of being a ditzy blond in spirit, much like your mom. Yet when you get in your head to do something, you are steadfast and demonstrate an iron will until you get your way.
You have an exciting year ahead of you with the birth of your brother coming quickly towards us. You are thrilled to have a real live baby living with us, "one that moves and talks and crawls by itself". I'm certain that you will shower him with love and hugs and kisses and kindness as you have the rest of us.

Happy birthday to my sweet angel!


Em said...

make her stop! No more growing up, stay right where you are!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nenna, from Dammie and Pop Pop! You ARE an angel and we love you so very much! What fun it has been to be your grandparents for these four years! You make us laugh all the time. What a good mommy you are to your babies and what a good big sister you will be! Love, Dammie and Pop Pop

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Happy Birthday Jenna! We are really looking forward to seeing you soon and wishing you well in person. Much Love!