Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vindication at last.

When Jenna was a baby, shopping was a real chore since 98% of the time she was screaming by the end of the trip. Grocery stores, department stores, discount stores... it didn't matter the locale: we would hit the checkout and she would be crying and carrying on. I believe I blogged about the "helpful hints" I've received over the years from checkout personnel, many who were missing front teeth. I knew that Jenna was tired, overwhelmed by the store, overstimulated by the lights and sounds and noise and just wanted me to nurse her (and I have, I will tell you, nursed her in the shoe section of Walmart. Right there, sitting on the floor, surrounded by inexpensive men's workboots and rows upon rows of fake-leather shoes shipped directly from China).

So one young check out girl in particular in Walmart commented that I was "the meanest mom she's ever seen". And this has stuck with me for the last three years or so. I am amazed that with all of the parenting styles that are on display in the checkout line of Walmart, I would somehow rank as Meanest. I mean, sure, sometimes I'm not as structured as I'd like, or I let my kids eat Swedish Fish before noon or give in to to an occasional toy request. That I can own. But Meanest? I have pondered that quietly in my heart.

Imagine my delight- and horror- as I read this story in my local paper on Tuesday about a mom in Tennessee who definitely ranks as Meaner than Me. The sense of vindication was amazing.

Here's the story:

"Police have charged a woman who they say used a car seat with an infant inside to
hit a Wal-Mart employee.
...Camilla Fields of Memphis was charged with felony child abuse and neglect and assault.
A police report from the Wednesday incident says Fields was confronted by a security guard about shoplifting. Police say she threw the seat and ran, causing the baby to land face down on the pavement. A paramedic treated the baby until the child regained consciousness.
The child's mother, Stacy Cleaves, was also charged with false reporting and child neglect."
This felt so good because not only have I never thrown my child at someone in an attempt to distract them from accusing me of shoplifting, which I have also never done, I can say with confidence that I have made friends with women of such a high caliber that NONE OF THEM would throw my infant in a car seat in an attempt to distract a security guard from accusing them of shoplifting. It's a good feeling.

So take that, young checkout girl at my local Wal-Mart from three and a half years ago! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Victory is MINE!


Anonymous said...

Mother of the Year she is NOT! But YOU are! Remember hearing the story of the lady in K-Mart who told me my son was such a cute girl and I calmly told her he was a boy to which she replied, "Well, if you dressed him right, I would not have made the mistake" or something similar. WOW! People are amazing! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a reality show based on the goings-on in Walmart stores.....and I think YOU should direct it! This probably won't be the last time you'll be accused of being the meanest Mom in the world.....wait til M&J are teenagers! Love, LW