Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs of Spring.

After a long, cold, snowy, nauseous winter, nothing feels better than seeing signs of spring.
Here are the sights from around our house:

The forsythia is blooming.

I love how the early hosta growth looks like little soldiers standing at attention.

Michaela bought this little fan for school, which is roasting in our 88 degree mini-heat wave. She also wore it all through dinner last night.

The red maple leaves are also sprouting out.

Waiting for the bus this morning. Jenna's pretty decked out for preschool: pearl necklace and two bracelets.

We got this outfit for Jenna on Friday and she has insisted on wearing it almost every day since. She especially loves the shoes.

Of course Bitty Baby and her bag is never too far from Jenna. This is a retake of an earlier picture because "Bitty wasn't loo-ting at the tamera" in the first shot.

Happy Spring!!


Anonymous said...

Tee hee.....forsythia is a distant memory for us southerners....but I'm glad you finally got a glimpse of spring on your way to 88 degree temps! (Pastor planted his tomatoes today!) Love, LW

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post AND what beautiful girls! Love the pearls on "Nenna"! Love, Gammie