Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts, Postscript.

I forgot to add two items to my previous post.

... Jenna is on Augmentin, an antibiotic, for a bad ear infection. I read the labels on the side of the bottle and one said, "WARNING: This medication may interfere with some forms of birth control." Hmmm... I better check with her and make sure no accidents happen, if you get my drift.

...I've read some really good books in the last month, and highly recommend the following:
- Lisey's Story by Stephen King: Remarkable, intimate portrait of a couple and secrets kept.
- Testimony by Anita Schreve: I love Anita Schreve and this is her newest. It's about a private school rocked by the discovery of a sextape involving a freshman girl and senior boys. The consequences for all are poignant and harrowing. I cried and cried while reading it. Sooo good.
- Run by Ann Pachett: Great family story of grown children, adoption, and discoveries.
-A Mercy by Toni Morrison: Not my favorite of Morrison's (my all time favorite book is her brilliant and incomparable Beloved) but an interesting little book. Tells the story of a slave girl given up by her mother in the 1600's New World. The last chapter is told from the mother's point of view and tells why she did what she did.
- The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller: Excellent, satisfying book about two marriages, one starting out and one coming to a long, hard ending and how they intersect. One couple copes with infidelity in sort of an interesting fashion.
Check them out and if you read any, let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are such an inspiration...keeping up with your busy, growing family AND finding time to read more than just drivel! You go, girl! Love, LW

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