Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunshine.

Yes, it was technically sunny here on Easter, but certainly not warm... the temp at 9am was about 35 degrees and made the carefree light-as-air halter dresses I made the girls seem quite ridiculous. Jenna decided to be in a foul mood all morning, screaming and crying through her bath and hair-dry, then flat out refusing to wear the dress. That of course set Dan (who was ushering at church and was a little ramped up about getting there super early) and I (who had already promised the girls that I will never, ever make them dresses again if they were going to be so ungrateful and cranky about trying them on the day before) off to the point that five minutes before we left for church we were all yelling at each other.
Here is the only picture of the girls in their dresses. Notice the happy face on Jenna.

He is Risen, indeed! Hallelujah!

But things got better from there and we really enjoyed the service. The girls sang at church and did a great job. We spent the afternoon with Dan's dad, my parents, and our aunt and uncle, who hosted a delicious, traditional Easter dinner. The girls were thrilled with all the candy and egg hunts and treats and DVDs and goodies bestowed upon them. And they got to take off those ridiculous dresses.

The day before we colored Easter eggs with my mom, which is one of the highlights of her year. Seriously. We colored 15 eggs and then I helped decorate the bunny cake she made for Easter dinner. Super cute. Because what is Easter without coloring eggs and a bunny cake?

Jenna was quite concerned about the Easter Bunny coming into our house (see previous posts about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy) and I am not egg-sagerating when I say she asked us about 20 questions on Easter Eve, which included: Where does the Easter Bunny live? How does he get inside our house? Does he stay a long time? Will I hear him? What if I wake up and see the Easter Bunny? What does he wear? Does he hop in the house? Does he have big feet? Does he wear shoes? Is he nice? Does he like children? Is he mean? ... and on and on.

And last but not least, as promised, here is an artfully done pregnancy pic of me, heavily cropped out and edited so I look okay and so you can't see the pregnancy growth of my tushie. 17 weeks and counting!


Anonymous said...

Holidays are SO stressful but always turn out ok in the end with great memories, especially when one is a grandma and does not have to personally deal with the chaos-I just get to see the FUN STUFF! Jenna looks REAL happy in the pic! The pic of you, Cheryl, is ADORABLE! That's my grandchild in there-praise God! Love, Mommie

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Cute Story and We love the pregnancy pic. You look great. Much Love!

Anonymous said...

I could tell you stories about our Easter-pasts! One of our sons (who shall remain nameless!) sulked all afternoon because I'd given him a Curious George stuffed animal which apparently he didn't want!) Memories are made of this! The dresses are ADORABLE and you look fabulous! Love, LW