Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts Edition.

Happy Monday! I have lots of little things to talk about today, but not one would fill a whole post, so I'm mushin' 'em all together. Here's what's been going on at the Libutti Household as of late:

... I am carrying this baby so high that I may choke on it. Perhaps when labor and delivery time comes, I can just clear my throat and cough it out. The last week has been one of explosive growth for my girth (what a great phrase- I'll be saying that to myself all day!). Most nights I am uncomfortable just because everything is so tight and trying to stretch. But I am feeling great overall. Ahhhh... second trimesters rock.

... Only three days until we find out the sex of the baby!!! No one seems to have a strong feeling either way, including me. I can't wait to find out. I am beside myself with excitement. The joy of finding out has been a great distraction from worrying that the baby may not be 100% healthy, which we have no indication that it is not. But I have come a long way in my anxiety and feel sort of prepared now to deal with whatever comes our way. The power of prayer!!

... Entering the second trimester, and feeling better and flooded with maternal-type nesting hormones, is like waking up from a 3-4 month nap. You wake up, look around, and say, "What the hell happened to my house? Why is everything such a mess? Why hasn't anything been DONE?" and you rip into fairly ridiculous projects, like cleaning out the laundry room. Next up: reorganizing our home office, which needs to be able to handle many, many more toys currently living in the girls' rooms. And at least now I have the energy to tackle some things.

... I did have to wimp out a bit and started grocery shopping on the weekends so Dan can help me carry the bags in and up the stairs. The last time I went, last Monday, I dreaded it all morning and then it took me honestly about three hours to recover from the lifting. It doesn't help that the girls want to come with me and during the school break, both Jenna and Michaela wanted me to push them in that ridiculously large car-type cart, so right off the bat I'm shoving at least 95 pounds around the store. By the time we were in the frozen food section, I was ready to pass out and I kicked Michaela out of the cart. It's just too much for me. So yesterday I went by myself and Dan helped me carry and I was able to lead a normal life for the rest of the day.

... We came awfully close to getting the minivan last week and then decided against it for now. We would take just too much of a loss on Dan's one year old car to be comfortable with the trade in. We'll re-evaluate after the baby is born and again in a few years. We did get the baby seat out- Jenna's old one! Such memories!- and put all three car seats in the back seat of the Pilot and they did indeed fit.

... Dan and I went to three Open Houses yesterday; one house we totally fell in love with. It was spacious and airy and a new kitchen and four bedrooms and great details throughout. Oh, and a HUGE patio surrounding an in ground pool. We could easily fit almost EVERYONE WE KNOW in the downstairs of the house for a party. But the upstairs needed lots of work and new bathrooms and new flooring and new doors and lots of painting and sprucing up. So, alas, we are staying in our own house for another week. Sometimes going to Open Houses makes you appreciate your own house even more.

... The girls have discovered the deliciousness of sherbet this week. And they are in love. Michaela, especially... she tried to weasel FOUR BOWLS of it out of me the other day. I told her three was way more than enough. She keeps saying, "But it's just SO DELICIOUS!!!" I giggle at her passion for certain foods. She and I are engaging in a long term battle over Ring Dings. I bought myself a box- which I never buy, ever- and have one maybe twice a week. And I don't let her have any. And she has writhed around on the floor, whining and moaning about the unfairness of my Ring Ding hoarding. Literally. On the floor. It's not FAIR!

... The other morning both girls were in their own room, getting dressed and both were singing nonsensical songs to themselves. They sounded so cute. I tried to grab my camera so I could record them both and post it but didn't get to it in time. They both do a lot of singing around the house.

... We are all enjoying this gorgeous, warm, sunny weather (except for my ankles, which have swollen in protest... soooo attractive). There is no time like spring and summer to be barefoot, pregnant and not working.
I've got the life of Riley and I'm loving every minute of it.
We are blessed!

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