Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things that make me smile.

Here are the three things making me smile today:
1. Michaela is done with her spontaneous-body-part-falling-off worry session. I am happy to report nothing fell off, her sore throat is better, and it turns out she just was missing me at school and told me confidently last night, "I'm feeling better. I was just feeling sad in the afternoons at school like I did last year."

2. I turned on QVC a few days ago and what did I see? "Your Holiday Home" show! Yessssss! Christmas is here!!!! Because nothing celebrates the joy of Christ's birth like an 18" resin trio of snowman carolling with FIBER OPTIC LIGHTS!!!! This is a centerpiece! This is a SHOWSTOPPER!!! Can't you just see this adorable snow family in YOUR HOLIDAY HOME???? Yes!!! Yes I can!!!! Thank you, QVC!!!

3. Jenna was a bit resistant to returning to preschool today.
She declared 45 minutes before we left, "I'm not going!"
15 minutes before we left, she locked herself in her room and told me, "I'm not going!"
Then 5 minutes before we left, she told me, "Preschool is DANGEROUS!!!" with as much ominous foreboding as a three year old could muster.

Despite her cries of imminent danger, I brought her anyway. And a few minutes after she got there, she was fine. And safe.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog never ceases to make me howl with laughter! God bless QVC and all the excess it represents! Glad M's feeling better and that J survived our DANGEROUS pre-school!Thanks for ALL your help yesterday, Che-you're the best! Love, Mommie, Gammie, MIL