Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Weekend!

We had two exciting things happen here over the weekend. The first and Most Important was that the week long extravaganza known as Michaela's Birthday has begun. We had her kids party on Saturday (squeezed in after a soccer game and Jack Strauss' third birthday party) at a local art store that does fabulous kids' parties. Mimi chose a bird theme and the owner just did a awesome job of picking fun, age appropriate crafts for the kids to do. Michaela invited 6 of her friends from school and Brownies (including one of her "oldest" friends, Erin, who she's known since 3 year old preschool) and of course little Jenna. It was a two hour party: about an hour and forty five minutes for crafts and 15 or so for cake and presents. They even make a list of who gave what gifts. It was incredibly easy and well-done. Dan asked what his role was for the party and I told him all he had to do was pay for it.

Well, my goodness, Cheryl, why don't you post some pics so we can see this wonderful event? Because they are AWFUL!!! I got a new camera last week after doing all kinds of research and hemming and hawing and finally looked at the pics I took at the party on my computer this afternoon and they are just terrible. Blurry and washed out and streaky and blah. Nothing warm, rich or sharp about them. I was sooo bummed that I made Dan take us to Best Buy this evening to look for a new camera and to drown my sorrows in the Ruby Tuesday Salad Bar. (Yeah, it's that good. Salad from there actually made me feel better.)
Here's some of the pictures from the party (some aren't too bad, but when you look at them a little bigger, they are quite blurry and the color is totally off).
Michaela paints her bird house

Jenna was doted on by the staff... but she held her own with the big girls.

Opening presents. Lots of Webkins.

Sorry this is sideways. Michaela has painted her hand and was allowed- encouraged, even- to make a handprint on the bare wall of the store. I can feel my mother shuddering from here.

The back of Michaela's bird pillow: her name in block letters and three top-hat-wearing dancing hearts.

So going out did make me feel better and I'm continuing to look up information and mull over my options for the next camera... I'm sending this one back. I'll let you know what I decide...


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like Michaela had a wonderful birthday despite the camera which is disappointing after all the work you did to research it! M is nearly 7-AMAZING! Our angel! Love, Gammie and Pop Pop

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Happy Birthday Michaela! It looks like it was a wonderful party. Much love and many birthday wishes.