Monday, October 27, 2008

All Things Harvest-y.

Wow... I'm really on a roll here with the fall/ harvest/ pilgrim theme. Today I present you with pictures from Michaela's Harvest Dance at school, which took place Friday night. I am not just a freak carrying around a camera to every event my kid goes to: I am an official photographer for the Slingerlands Elementary School Yearbook. (I will try not to let that go to my head.)

So the Harvest Dance is an annual event held in the gym of the school with a very, very loud DJ playing very cute music (no 50 Cent) and a bunch of 5-10 year olds jumping/ dancing/ skipping/ conga-lining to the music. There was also some pizza and baked goods and crafts you could do while cooling down from dancing. Oh, and there were also about 200 parents standing around, watching their kids and glancing hopefully at their watches about every ten minutes.

Caitlin, Michaela, Olivia, and Kate: 2nd Grade classmates

Jenna and her friend Ryann work on some craft projects at the Harvest Dance
While Dan and I may have been deaf for an hour afterwards, it was a great success in Michaela's book. Here is a taste of the evening for your viewing pleasure:

Speaking of succeses, I also finished my apron project. It is ready to go for Thanksgiving morning. Bring on the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pies!!

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Anonymous said...

AND I am totally impressed with your creativity AND no pattern! WOW-Grandma Pil would be SOOOOO proud of you! Creativity certainly skipped a generation! Loved the pics and video of the Harvest Dance! And so the fun dances begin! Love, Mommy/Gammie