Friday, April 4, 2008

Super Flashback Friday

Today finds me nostalgic for several reasons... the main one being we are selling our car today to Dan's boss' 16 year old daughter. We bought this car on October 28th of 1996, fifteen days after we were married. It has seen us through many, many events in our lives: different jobs, grad school, moving to a few apartments and then our first house, and bringing home our first baby. It is going to a good home and I'm sure the new owner, who we know and like very much, will take good care of it and would even let us visit the car if needed.
I am feeling so sentimental about it but will probably get over any sense of loss when we deposit the check from the sale into our savings account.

Say goodbye to the ol' gas guzzler, Russ.

In other flashback-style news, I bought the song "Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)" by Billy Joel for my iPod and listened to it while walking on the treadmill this morning at the Y and almost started crying. Not a good place to break down over a song.
It is so beautiful and sweet. I always loved the song and my emotional connection to it really solidified when I went to a friend's wedding about 10 years ago. For the father/daughter dance, she had a friend of hers play an acoustic guitar and sing this song and I just sobbed. She sang it without a microphone and her voice was sweet and pretty and all you could hear was the music and the bride's dress swooshing on the dance floor... and every woman in the room crying.

It was the most poignant father/daughter dance I have ever seen, filled with the general feeling of I haved loved you the best I could and hope I made the world a safe and happy place for you but this time for us is over and you are moving on to such bigger and better things. Incredibly touching and moving and I of course think of my own two girls every time I hear it.

Enough gushiness.
I leave you with the correspondence Michaela gave to her family this past weekend.

It is a little hard to see, so here is the transcription:

To Dad (picture of car and tire). Dear Dad, Come downstairs and watch High School Musical 2 with me and mom. Love, Michaela

To Mom (picture of flower and heart). Dear Mom, Come downstairs and watch High School Musical 2 with me and dad. Love, Michaela

And for her loving sister: (Heart with a line through it, a la a "no smoking" sign) Hi Poop. I am sticking my tung out at you. Ha Ha Ha. (Picture of Michaela with her "tung" sticking out and squinting angry eyes and Jenna crying.)

Lovely. And sooo first grade.


Anonymous said...

Saddies baddies about the Subu but, as you said, she is going to a good home not far away! NOW Danny can drive the new car without guilt. Michaela is quite the artist-somewhat like her Mommy at that age. Whose wedding are you referring to? Love, Mommy

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Hopefully, the Subaru will be going to a better home than the Sentra! I don't think Brian quite continued the immaculate caretaking of the Nissan that Danny did. Especially, when he worked on the railroad. Congrats on the new car and moving on from the old one. Lots of Love!