Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laugh for the day

I was nursing Jenna this morning (we can't seem to shake the two feedings a day routine... I told my family that Jenna's breastfeeding is like the war in Iraq: no exit strategy exists) and Michaela was getting ready for school. I was leaning over Jenna to help Michaela button her cute pink polo shirt and talking to Michaela about how small the buttonholes are, how did they get unbuttoned anyway, etc. Jenna detaches, looks up at me and says:

"Please stop talking. I'm trying to nurse."

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more: at the absurdity of the whole situation, at the fact that she's almost three years old and still doing this, at how hopeful I was at her three MONTH birthday that I was 25% done with my breastfeed-for-a-year plan, at my seeming inability to accurately explain to anyone how completely vile she is when her nursey-nursey is not delivered when she wakes up and at naptime, how slightly irritated her tone was to me when she said this and how she nestled right back in to finish up.

No exit strategy.

And I HAVE tried giving her sippy cups, thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a complete moron.


Anonymous said...

I have told this to several people and they laugh and laugh! AND if they knew Jenna, it would be even funnier! God bless the egocentricity of children-the cruel world knocks them down soon enough. Let them be the center of our world-they deserve that! Mommy

Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...
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Brian, Beth, and Kate Davies said...

Have you tried... Just kidding. Perhaps a surge would work! Love you sis!