Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The possibilities are endless

So we're driving in the car and Jenna says to me, "Mom, do you know what I like about you?"

Immediately my mind starts to race about what my baby is about to say... the hours I've held her? the hugs and kisses? the fun things we do together? the endless nursing? the devotion? the patience?

What will she say?

I am literally tingling and say, "No, Jenna, what do you like about me?"

After an extremely awkward pause and deciphering a few sentences, I realize she's asked me, "Mom, do you know What I Like About You?"

...ah yes, the song What I Like About You...

... track 17 on the Jock Rock CD we've listened to continuously for a few weeks now.

I am humbled, disappointed... and no longer tingling.


Gina said...

:) Cheryl, do you know what I like about you???? :) Your wit, humor, story-telling, creativity, and mostly your friendship! Tingle away my dear, tingle away :)

Anonymous said...

Saddies baddies-she had NO idea what she has! I LOVED this entry and called Wa over to read it immediately! Jenna is the great leveler! Gina is spot on! LOVE YOU! Mommy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl, this CRACKED me up!! Love how kids have that ability to confound us with their very straighforward, honest way of speaking! Happens to me all the time!