Friday, January 23, 2009

You say tomato, I say to-mah-to.

Jenna is a great talker at home: she can go for hours, puttering around the house, carrying her dolls and talking for them, asking them questions, asking me to change/ feed/ carry them. While her vocab is great, she still has yet to master the letters G, C, and K.
This lends itself to some funny stories.
Today I was grabbing her, tickling and kissing her, and telling her, "Give me some sugar!" (which in our house means love or hugs or kisses). She was pulling away from me, laughing and squealing, and chanting, "That's enough shu-der! That's enough shu-der!" Which of course made me kiss her more.
We sing the song Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? which you can imagine is a challenge for Jenna to say... so it comes out something like this: "Who stole the too-tie from the too-tie jar?" And it's so cute when she responds, "Who me? Touldn't be!"

We had a quiet week this week... January is in full swing here and we are without many extra activities. I had barely anything on my calendar and I was relieved. I read Stephen King's latest book of short stories, and except for the first story in the book, which is horrible, it's a highly entertaining read and I recommend it. I taught the second of five Junior Achievement lessons in Michaela's class on Thursday and had a blast. I am happy to report that the morning routine is 200% better now that the stricter consequences are in place.
Jenna has launched a fairly sophisticated PR campaign to get out of going to Preschool by reporting to us that "Preschool is booooring..." and when we ask who she's played with that day, she sighs, looks downcast and says, "No one..." with the most pathetic look on her little face. She asks me, "Why can' t I just stay home with you, Mommy?" so I know that's what this is all about: an attempt to get us to say, Poor Jenna. You are having such a miserable time. Let's just have you not go to Preschool anymore. Her story weakens a bit when I pick her up and she is happy and smiling and tells me, "School was great!" I also talked briefly to her teacher, who reports that she does, in fact, play with her friends at school.
Overall, a great week; full of Wii and projects getting done (I am working on finally uploading all of my photos to Snapfish). We have a quiet weekend ahead and I couldn't be happier about that. Life is good.
Have a great weekend!

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