Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick laugh. (For me, at least.)

While trolling the Clearance section at Walmart today, I spotted these awesome items: school folders with Chuck Norris on them. I myself am not a huge Chuck Norris fan but have heard of the really funny emails that circulate around about him which make all kinds of comparisons about him and his toughness. Apparently two of them were manufactured into these stunning folders, which read:
"Chuck Norris can bring a horse to water and can make him drink."
"Chuck Norris can win a staring contest with the sun."
Of course the accompanying graphics also added to the whole effect: grainy black and white pictures of Chuck, the first with him, powerful and noble, and a horse; the second with him, chin down, clearly on a mission, wearing fantastically outdated sunglasses. The words were written in big, bold, black, white and red letters, and screamed, DON'T MESS WITH CHUCK!!!
The whole thing is so cheesy and yet pokes fun of itself.
Absolutely perfect. The whole thing made my day.
All that for only 25 cents each!
...And to think I was strong enough to resist.

For a longer list of funny Chuck Norris Facts, go to:


Anonymous said...

Cheryl you are TRULY a Renaissance woman.....WHO KNEW you knew such trivia about Chuck continually amaze me! Love, LW

Claudia said...

Great, the same "facts" of Chuck Norris go around in Germany, and I think they are hilarious!

Have you ever tried the key words "find chuck norris" for searching the net via Google?

This cheers me up!