Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cheryl is.

At the urging of my buddies Gina and Angel, I made up a Facebook page for myself and while it is a fantastic way to waste lots of time, I do enjoy playing on Facebook. One of the best parts about it, for me, at least, is the Status Update section, where you are prompted to complete the sentence, "Cheryl is..." The world is your oyster: you can be as funny or rambling or boring or pithy or mysterious as you want to be, and it's all good. Some people (many, in fact) just leave it as is and just put a period at the end. Cheryl is.

My friend Randee just posted that "Randee is having a better understanding of what it means to be a silent witness" or something to that effect, and while I kind of understand what it means, I kinda don't, and I like that. But Randee is very smart and very neat and it's a real Randee thing to post.

The side effect of this is that all day long I find myself thinking of things to write. My whole day today has been about finishing that sentence.

Here are some of my Status Updates in my head from today (can you tell I've been home all day?):

Cheryl is...
... tired of doing laundry.
... wondering why her husband and 7 year old seem to produce 90% of the laundry.
... finding it harder and harder to differentiate between Michaela and Jenna's clothing.
... kind of bored.
... having an awesome hair day.
... excited about going to Michaela's class tomorrow to teach Junior Achievement.
... wondering if people who work in dryer sheet factories are the only laborers who come home from work smelling better than when they left the house. And did you know that dryer sheets are produced in Canada? Who knew? Do you think that smell of fresh laundry gets cloying after a few days? Do you think their spouses say to them, Honey, I can't stand that Lavender Breeze anymore... go take a shower, for goodness' sake!
... watching Sleeping Beauty for the 7,397th time but loves it when Jenna says, "When the dragon comes, I'm going to cuddle up to you, otay?".
... irritated with the new format of the Times Union newspaper.
... thinking she really needs to make an appointment for the vet for KiKi before KiKi learns how to hold a butcher knife in her little paws and kills us all in the middle of the night.
... wondering if she can justify to Dan getting the girls' pictures taken professionally in their Christmas outfits.
... eating Friendly's Vienna Mocha Chip ice cream and loving every bite.
... thinking she'll start dieting when the ice cream is gone.
... looking very forward to the day she can sell each and every one of the Dora the Explorer VHS tapes and DVDs in her house.
... thankful that she does not have a job in which she sits in boring meetings.
... happy that Jenna's new clothes fit her. Yay, Target!
... shocked that Jenna didn't want to take a ballet class at the YMCA.
... grateful that she was a heated, cozy house, warm clothes and hot food to eat when it is 9 degrees outside.
... grateful that she was a washer and dryer instead of having to lug her clothing down to the riverside and wash it all on a metal board with lye soap.
... grateful for her husband. And his job.
... grateful for her children and their wonderful quirks and personalities and love.
... grateful.
... grateful.
... grateful.


Anonymous said...

To me, the funniest one was about Kiki and the knife!! Only those people who know Kiki can understand that this MAY be a real concern! She is the Marley of cats or worse. Being grateful is a wonderful way to be! I am also grateful for my many blessings-too numerous to enumerate. Mommy is...blessed! Love you all-Momster

Mark, Carrie, and Luke Winterhoff said...

Carrie is... continually awed by your blog entries. It is my favorite indulgence to read your inspiring, poignant, and often hilarious words. I too, am grateful... to have you as a friend (and will call you soon!). XOXO