Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toothless Wonder.

The two funny parts of this are that Jenna literally kicked the tooth out of Michaela's mouth this morning ("Mommy- we were wrestling each other and Jenna kicked me in the mouth by accident and I felt something moving around in my mouth and guess what? It was my TOOTH!" was the official story I was told) and that Michaela has spent the day singing, All I want for Valentine's Day is my two front teeth; my two front teeth...
Jenna, meanwhile, is once again troubled that a mythical creature will come into their room... AGAIN... while she's sleeping. She asked me tonight, "Where does the Tooth Fairy live?" and at 9:40pm, I just didn't have a good answer nor the energy to figure out what would relieve her anxiety. "That's a good question," I said, "probably not too far from here."
Like somehow a local Tooth Fairly is less intimidating than one from downstate.

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Anonymous said...

Maya lost her first tooth this week....when she first realized it was loose a week before, we expected 6 years or so of dental drama....she's not exactly a silent sufferer. But after only a week, she literally "lost" it.....didn't know where or when, so it doesn't sound too traumatic. Loved the loot from the tooth fairy.....must be the Western VA fairy! Keep those great blogs coming! Love, LW