Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some Days It is A Waste of a Good Brain to be Home with My Children

Actual transcript of Michaela's Father's Day card to Dan:

My Dada

My Dada mows the lawn a lot in the Spring. My Dada is the best of all dads. My Dada has Big hands and Big feet. My Dada likes to eat spaghetti. My Dada's favorite color is blue. My Dada also likes to eat brownies. My Dada likes to play games with me and my Dada mostly loves Me!

P.S. and My Dada loves himself.


You just can't make this stuff up. I could analyze this card for the next six months: all the layers of subtext, observations of a six year old, and things/ activities that made the cut to be included. There is something so Oedipal/Elektra about it...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't it AMAZING how children perceive things and people? I am still blown away when I hear stories you and your brother tell of your childhood and I recall things totally differently! Perception is reality, I guess. AND it is NEVER a waste to be home with your babies-they ADORE you and cannot get enough of yours and Danny's love and attention. You are doing an AWESOME job of giving your children the best you have! Love, Gammie