Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day gift

Happy Father's Day to my hubby Dan, who does a wonderful job of providing a great home and security to us; gives lots of love and kindness to us; is unendingly loyal; loves to be with his girls; and only occasionally gets irrational. He is right now golfing on a beautiful sunny day with some friends and will enjoy a steak dinner upon his return. For his gift, he is going in a few weeks to Fenway Park for an overnight road trip with three other friends which has been predicted to be legend- wait for it, wait for it-ary.

I brought the girls to church this morning where (if I may brag just a wee bit) both girls got certificates of attendance for missing only two Sundays the whole year. They were happy and I was proud of them. We wrapped up our year with a nice breakfast and then went to church. (Cross another thing off the Activities list!) Towards the end of the service, Michaela started breaking down, whining, whimpering, leaning on me and just general carrying on. For the next hour she cried about the following devastating events:

1. The new shoes she got last night which she tried on at two different times and places hurt her middle toe on her left foot.
2. She was hungry but refused to go to the nursery to get a snack or eat a piece of cake offered to her after the service.
3. The pavement was hot on her foot because she refused to wear the left shoe. (See #1.)
4. The cat wouldn't play with the new cat toy and Michaela wanted to see her "go crazy".
5. The card she signed for her dad wouldn't fit inside the envelope provided.
6. The shoes she wanted to wear for the rest of the day (new faux crocs) are at my parents' house and while we are heading over there in a few minutes, that is just too long to wait. I suggested she fly over there, pick up the shoes and come back but she failed to see the humor in that and only cried harder.

She finally has pulled herself together and had a little lunch.

Jenna also pitched in and was miserable as we were leaving, yelling out, "My mosquito bite! It hurts! It hurts!" as we headed towards the car. There was great uproar as well at the temperature of the inside of the car when we first climbed in, because, really, Mommy, can't you make it cooler in the car when the sun is shining and it's 83 degrees outside???

Jenna has also enjoyed some lunch and has calmed down.

As for me, there were MANY points during the morning that I felt like crying and carrying on. But, I, too, had a little lunch and have now posted and am feeling better.

I am realizing that the REAL gift of Father's Day was that Dan didn't have to live through this with me.

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Anonymous said...

Those knowing Michaela and Jenna can REALLY appreciate your posting! One would not believe it unless one experienced it! They are, however, unendingly adorable and lovable MOST of the time! Kids'll KILL ya! Love, Gammie