Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Personal Trifecta

When I was in late middle school/ early high school, I only wanted three things. I felt, with all my heart, that if I had these three things,especially during the summer vacation time, I would be whole, complete, fulfilled, and very very very happy.

Wow!, you may exclaim. What on Earth could these three things be? Good health, love and a family who loves me? Good friends, wealth and insight? A sense of purpose, a sense of humor and a sense of well-being?

Remember, I was about 13 when I decided on these things.

This was my personal trifecta of perfectness:
1. A boyfriend
2. Long hair
3. A good tan

Over the years I have had varying degrees of success with this list. Of course, Dan counts as my boyfriend so that one is now pretty well wrapped up. The long hair comes and goes and I am happy to report that my hair now is on its way to being on the long side. The tan... well, the tan is always tough for me and my fair Welsh and German skin. I am really not meant to be tan but I wage the battle all the same each summer. I have tried self tanners, tanning beds, spray tan (what a nightmare: messy and ridiculous standing naked in a glass tank and posing like an Egyptian to make an even coat... I was embarrassed in front of myself) but have discovered on a fun trip to Sephora my newest plan for maximum tannage: TANtastic Body Bronzer and Luminizer. Just the name alone is fun and it works beautifully. Dark color and lots of shimmer. Delicious. And I am luminous.

So, now that I have bared my somewhat embarrassing (and I might add no longer really applicable- I mean, I am in my 30's now) list, what are the things you thought were important years ago? What were your middle school goals?


Anonymous said...

I cannot recall MS goals BUT my goals in my 30's (the superficial ones NOT the real ones!) were to have pierced ears, a paved driveway, and a family and I am happy to report that all three totally superficial goals WERE achieved in my 30's. NOW my goal is to get rid of a bone spur! BOY, am I OLD! My God and wonderful family have taken care of the REAL goals of this 61 year old (almost) woman and I am blessed beyond measure! Gammie

Anonymous said...

OOPS-I should have proofread more carefully-my goal in my 30's was pierced ears, a paved driveway, and a FAMILY ROOM NOT A FAMILY! The goal of a FAMILY was a REAL goal that I achieved-not the superficial one! Gams

Anonymous said...

Amazingly enough, mine were:

1) long hair (with blonde highlights and NO bangs.)
2) a good tan
3) shirts with an alligator on them.

In high school, #3 became irrelevant and BOYFRIEND moved into that slot. So funny! Now, with the help of self tanner and Clairol Frost & Tip, I am sailing right through summer with all three of my superficial goals met!
TANtastic! ~Michelle