Friday, May 30, 2008

Notes from the trenches...

Well, it was an eventful day today... I successfully made both girls cry before 10am (Michaela refused to brush her hair and was incredibly pokey getting ready for school; Jenna wanted to eat a frozen piece of french toast "with syry-up" and unload the dirty plates out of the dishwasher onto the counter) and I had Just Had It with both of them so I yelled and they cried.

And now God is letting me know how He feels about this by having both girls get sick. Michaela puked at about 7:30pm after refusing any kind of dinner and Jenna puked at about 9pm. Miraculously, neither puked ON me. (I'll let the beauty of that sentence sink in for a moment.) Jenna was particularly interesting: she was playing with Michaela's DS, coughed, puked, asked for her mouth to be wiped off and then went right back to the DS without skipping a beat. That kid may freak out at the sight of bugs, but she's downright stoic when she's tossing her cookies.

One bright spot of the day: Jenna sings the "Who Built the Ark?" song in the car and no matter how many times you tell her the lyrics are:

Who built the ark?
Noah, Noah
Who built the ark?
Brother Noah built the ark

... she insists on singing:
Who built the Ark?
No one, no one!

Just as cheerful as can be.
I'll let you know when the puking ends here.

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