Thursday, May 1, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

The Spring Rush has begun... Michaela had her first soccer practice Tuesday night and her first swim lesson yesterday. Both were big hits. She was a little nervous before soccer because she's on a new team with different coaches than she's had the last four seasons and then kind of fell apart at the field because we forgot her soccer ball (I KNEW I forgot something when I was going out the door!). But the coaches were very, very nice and even let her pick out her jersey number first- number 6 for her age, of course- and before I knew it she was back running around, showing off her highly touted Super Soccer Kick. One interesting note was that one of the coaches showed up for practice in full Army fatigues, boots and beret included. I was waiting for him to start barking orders out at the kids ("You missed the goal... now drop and give me twenty!!") but he was sweet and enthusiastic and kind. Go Army.

Swimming lessons was the adventure for yesterday, which involves herding my severely pokey daughters from the house to the Y poolside within 20 minutes of Michaela getting off the bus. Those of you who don't have children are right now asking, What's the big deal? and those of you who do have kids are groaning inside. I can hear it.

But we made it on time with lots of direction from Mommy. Turns out two of Michaela's best friends from her class and from Brownies are taking the same lesson. I'm just happy because my friend Dana is the mom of one of the girls and I get to chat with her for 40 minutes every week.

Tonight is softball for Dan and we Libutti girls generally go to the games and cheer him on. You can see that we have lots going on so I apologize in advance if my frequency of posting declines... I'm spending a lot of time just trying to keep where we're supposed to be everyday straight.

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Anonymous said...

ONLY YOU could make me howl at the description of the coach in the fatigues and what he MIGHT have said! Pops and I now have a full social calendar watching the Libuttis do their activities! Love you all! Mommy