Friday, March 2, 2012

Lip Sync! Lip Sync! LIIIP SYYYYNC!!!!!

Ah, the annual ritual in our school district of the Lip Sync, or as some of the moms call it, Lip Stink.  It is a super fun evening, watching all the kids go up on stage and perform and have their classmates cheer and scream and yell while the parents eagerly videotape and photograph it all until everyone is blind.  That's the great payoff.  But the beginning and middle of the lip sync is a draining grind of planning, emails, rehearsals, costume making, phone calls, and making sure your kids aren't doing anything inappropriate.  But we survived another year!  Only 10 more to go until Alec is out of elementary school!

I put together a little video with highlights from the girls' performances, but Blogger is not letting me upload it.  So to give you a flavor, here are some pics from the night.

 Here is Michaela, whose group did "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.  Which is also an acronym for something quite not 5th grade appropriate, but I am hoping she doesn't know that.  It was very bouncy and hip-hoppy and energetic.

And here is sweet Jenna, who danced to a remixed version of  "Do Re Me" from Sound of Music.  Her group was large (12 girls) and did a great job.  One of my projects was making the 12 ties and 24 hair ties that you see pictured. 

Dan and I noticed that there was lots of breakdancing featured in the show, which kind of cracked me up.  Here these parents work their butts off so they can raise their families in a safe, suburban environment and all the kids want to do is look like they are more urban.  (See Michaela's hat and general stance, above.)

It was a fun, loud, happy night.  And I'm super glad that it's done for another year. :)


Anonymous said...

The girls were OUTSTANDING and looked adorable! Wonder if Aman will want to participate? Bet he does! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

Oh, am I glad Lip Sync came after my day as an elementary school would have been right up there with the Halloween parade designed to make un-creative mothers slink home in shame! Love, LW