Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How I Spent February, Part III: Shopping.

We bought a new couch for our family room in February.

And there are many, many, many hours of shopping, talking, web surfing, driving, picture taking, and pro-and cons-ing behind that one little sentence.

I won't bore you with all the details, but we went to a whole bunch of stores, took pictures of about half a dozen contenders, almost bought one but then decided on another.  It's a leather sectional in a color called Double Fudge, which obviously sold me on the spot, and then we got an ottoman and matching chair to go with it.  They should all be arriving next month.

I call it our Permanent-Record Couch, our Grown-Up couch, our Way of Seating All Five Members of our Family on One Couch couch.

So we have dolphin sewing projects, Junior Achievement, speech therapy and special Ed teachers coming, and couch shopping on our plates, along with everyday life.  And what else do we decided to take on? A home improvement project, of course!!

We started with this...

And this is halfway through...

We are not done yet.  The room is painted (after Dan started painting the walls, I asked him, "Did we paint anything at the old house this color?" to which he replied, "We painted EVERYTHING in the old house this color." But that is not true.  Well, almost not true.) and looks super fresh, and we are in the process of ordering cabinets to be hung on the wall above the washer and dryer and a pretty counter top to lay across the width of the room so I can stop dropping socks and sweatpants and other various items behind the washer and dryer.  (Point of Interest: we found a pair of  dress shoes belonging to the former owners of the house behind the washing machine, so I'm not the only one dropping stuff back there.) We should be all done in about three more weeks or so.  Final pictures will be published as soon as it's completed!

(Much love and thanks to my dad, who painted all the trim for us!!)

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the final product so we can blatantly copy!!! Love, Mom