Thursday, June 10, 2010

Persons In Need of (Better) Supervision.

Mom: Michaela, can you come in here?
Michaela: Sure... what's up?
Mom: I'm trying to get those pushpins above Alec's crib out of the wall... can you climb in his crib and reach for them?
Michaela: Sure!
Michaela climbs up into the crib and finds she can't quite reach the pushpins. Lightning quick, she throws her legs on top of the sides of the crib and balances, essentially standing on the crib.
Mom: Oh my gosh, Michaela, be careful!!
Michaela: Don't worry Mom, I've done this HUNDREDS of times. I stand on the crib and put blocks on the fan blades and then Jenna puts the fan on. The blocks go FLYING!! It's awesome. (Pulls out pushpins.) Here you go.
Mom: (dumbfounded.) I think you just wrote my blog post for the day.


Anonymous said...

These are things you DON'T want to know until sitting around the Thanksgiving table 25 years from now! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

I am laughing my HEAD OFF! Those girls are daredevils, especially M! I'll bet you were SHOCKED! At least the push pins came down! Love, Gammie and Pops