Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goodbye, House.

Our house is empty.
And echo-y.
It took three men eight full hours to load up the house. They were wonderful and everything went smoothly. It just turns out we have a lot of stuff.
It also turns out that I have a hidden talent of estimating how many boxes we'd need to move: I have one box left.
As they moved big furniture out and I got to examine the floors and the dust that was left behind, I realized that our house is fully infested with Polly Pockets (little rubber clothes, dolls, and accessories) and M&Ms. Pretty funny.

We are now in between houses: tomorrow we clean the old house and then Friday is closing day. Saturday the truck from today comes back and unloads into the new house.

I am tired, bone tired, but am so happy that we are moving forward in this process.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you as you inhabit this "no man's land" for the next few days.....neither here nor there. I remember it being so hard to see our bare stripped-down house....decades of memories floating in those empty rooms. But oh, the JOY when your new house becomes your HOME....complete with Polly Pockets and M&Ms! Love, LW

Winterhoff Family said...

Hooray! What a huge day for you. I was thinking of you all day and hoping you survived step #1 of the physical move. Keep us posted on Friday. Love, Carrie