Friday, June 18, 2010

Jenna and the Powdered Donuts.

There is a new love affair going on in our house: Jenna has discovered powdered donuts.

She told me the other day: "Mom, I don't know what the white stuff is on the outside of this donut, but I love it."
So I told her it was sugar.
"Shudar? Mmmmm... no wonder it's delicious. I LOVE shudar."

Jenna was playing outside yesterday and came inside the house, crying. "My feet both fell asleep... can you rub them?"
"Sure," I answered.
"And can you lay me down on the couch?" (whimpering)
"Sure," I answered again.
"And can you bring me a powdered donut?" (whimpering still)
"Is that going to make your feet feel better?" I asked, still doling out the sympathy in buckets.

"No, I'm just hungry and want a snack," Jenna told me very matter-of-factly.


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love Nenna! So matter of fact! Gammie prefers CHOCOLATE covered Pop Ems! Although Pops says they upset the moral order of the universe, as you well know! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

My philosophy is to eat CHOCOLATE covered donuts when I'm wearing a dark shirt and powdered sugar ones when I'm wearing a white shirt....that's about as far as I go with fashion statements! Love, LW