Friday, June 11, 2010

Brownie to Junior Girl Scout

Michaela with Erin; they've been friends since they were three years old!

Michaela with Dana, her Troop Leader

On Monday of this week we attended Michaela's Flying Up Ceremony to go from a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout. The troop planned the whole ceremony, sang songs, did a reading and then walked over a small wooden bridge to signify becoming a Junior Girl Scout. Overall: adorable.

Michaela has been in this troop for four years now and it is by far her favorite activity. She loves the meetings, loves the troop, loves the crafts and activities and loves the snacks. We are blessed to have two lovely moms, Dana and Joan, run the whole thing and they do an outstanding job.

The troop got to choose whether they would wear green vests or green sashes as Juniors, and apparently this was a Big Decision. "We chose the sashes, Mom," I was told, "because the sashes are COOLER." Turns out they mean in the hot sun it would be better ventilated, not that it's more fashionable than the vest. I see.

We are super proud of Michaela and all the work she did this year to earn all of her patches. On to Juniors!

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