Friday, May 7, 2010

These Things Made Me Smile Today.

1. A midday trip for soft serve ice cream. Yummm... chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.
2. Finding and buying some items for Michaela's room at the new house. So pretty. Can't wait to surprise her.
3. Having Michaela tell me yesterday that she need four apples sliced up to bring to school for a "good behavior as a class" reward party. This was a vast improvement over the last time, when she announced at 5pm, "You were supposed to bring in grapes for our party today but forgot." Uh... What? What party? I think it was actually YOU who forgot, Michaela.
4. Walking into my parents house and finding my formerly corporate executive father, two months into his retirement, watching The Young and the Restless as he makes spaghetti sauce. "What the hell has happened to you?" I asked. Hmmmm... maybe that's where Jenna gets it from (see previous post.)
5. Alec chomping down on his oatmeal and applesauce. How good he smells. How he grinned at all the salesladies in Macys today who tickled his feet. How cute he looked in his golf shirt.
6. Alec in general.
7. My Mother's Day present, revealed today: Not one, but TWO NIGHTS of Dan being on Alec duty. I am giddy about this. I felt like getting into my pj's at about 3pm. P.S.: I'm also getting new bedding for our bedroom, and a new house.
8. My mom told me this story today: She watched the kids for me last night while Dan played softball and I went to the Kindergarten Orientation for Jenna. My mom asked Jenna to pick up a few things so the house looked neat when I got home. "Mommy doesn't care if the house is neat," Jenna answered earnestly. "Only Daddy does."

It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

The blessings abound! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

You have MUCH to smile about, but even more so do your blessed children.....Happy Mother's Day! Love, LW