Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kick Off to Summer.

We are in the throws of a mid-July-type heat wave here, where everyone is inside the house with the shades drawn to keep the blinding sun out and has the air conditioning cranking.
The girls have discovered that their favorite new activity is running through the sprinkler, which both delights me because they look so cute and Americana-ish, and horrifies me, because it seems to waste alot of water and I'm kind of a freak about water conservation. Actually I'm a Big Freak about it.
So the girls were running around in the yard, dripping and squealing, and Alec and I lounged on the grass. I grabbed my camera and got some good pictures of them all.
Happy Start of Summer!!


Anonymous said...

And happy start of an exciting summer to YOU, dear daughter! The kids look GREAT! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

This low tech way of cooling down should enable you to jack the temp. on the AC up, so you'll end up being greener in the long run! Love, LW