Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheryl In Wonderland.

The girls got the movie Alice in Wonderland for Easter this year and I've got to tell you- it is one freaky movie. There are more weird references in that movie than I can shake a stick at, but for all of it's fantasy and quirkiness, the girls love it.

It's kind of a good analogy for how I'm feeling these days- a little disjointed, suspended in time, straddling between now and the future, one house and another, hopelessly overwhelmed and but always looking a for a new project.

Today was a rush around kind of day, hurry hurry hurry to get the girls ready for school, run to the bank, go to the pediatrician for Alec's second flu shots, lose my keys, find my keys, which were in the diaper bag all along, visit with my friend Dana to show her pictures of the new house, drive to pick up Jenna from school, run to my friend Angel's house to look at how she got it ready to sell, drive home, choke down a little lunch, realize our power is at about 1/2 level- like a brownout, get everyone in the car again, pick up Michaela at school, drive to the dentist, be relieved that no one has cavaties, come home, get snacks for everyone, change Alec's diaper, try to straighten up, play with the baby for a while, put on a movie for Jenna, remind Michaela to do her homework because she has Brownies tonight, get on the computer, check email, check Facebook, and now here I am.

I'm late, I'm late... for a very important date.

I wonder how Alice stays so nonplussed with all that smoke and mirrors and surrealness around her.

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Anonymous said...

Just another day in paradise! Love, LW