Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Never Ending Birthday.

Picking out Sandy the Bear and wearing her sticker designating her as the Birthday Girl
(I got a sticker that said "Mama Bear" and Dan got a "Poppa Bear" sticker. I called him Poppa Bear all day.)

At the Friend Party at Build A Bear Workshop

Celebrating at school with her pink Birthday Crown
(her hair is in little pigtails because Michaela has a new girl in her class who wears her hair like this and everyone at school is quite taken with her, apparently... so Michaela wore her hair like this and so of course Jenna had to, also)

On her actual birthday

Jenna's favorite gifts: two new American Girl dolls

Jenna and her sister and brother

Opening presents at home

Blowing out the candles on the last cake

Jenna had so many birthday parties- one at school, one at home on her actual birthday, one with her friends, and one with our family- that her friend Erin thought Jenna turned 5 AND 6 this month.

They were all lots of fun and Jenna loved every minute.

On the day of her actual birthday, Jenna got to choose where we went to eat. We had asked her earlier in the week and she confidently answered, "Gold Coin" which is the Chinese restaurant we go to a couple times a year. So Dan comes home from work that day, and we're all jazzed about going out to eat, and we confirm again that Gold Coin is her choice. We pile in the car, drive to the restaurant, and when we pull up, Jenna goes, "Why are we here?"
"This is where you wanted to eat, Jen... this is Gold Coin."
"No it isn't! This is the CHINESE PLACE!"
"Jenna, this is Gold Coin where we get the Chinese food. This is what you picked."
"I don't want to go here! Acchhh... let's just go to Friendly's."
So we did.
At her family party on Sunday, I witnessed the best illustration of the difference between my daughters. We had set up the bouncy-bounce in our backyard and a bunch of kids were piled inside, jumping and laughing and screaming and getting a little bit out of control. It was decided by a few of the kids that everyone should calm down, take a breath and refocus. So Michaela starts to take control:"Okay everyone! There should only be three people in the bouncy-bounce! I will choose the three kids! I will close my eyes and point to three kids, who I can't see, so it's fair! Then we will rotate new kids in!" and rule after rule after rule comes out of her mouth.
Meanwhile, Jenna climbs out of the bouncy-bounce, calmly and wordlessly walks over to where the bouncy-bounce is plugged in and tries to unplug it. No fuss, no muss.
I saw the whole thing and my mouth dropped to the ground.
Go to Michaela if you want order, rules and direction. She can talk your ear off; she can talk you into or out of anything. Go to Jenna if you just want something done.


Anonymous said...

And so Jenna turns 5 in style. Happy Birthday, special little girl! We love you so much! Gammie and Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Could we send Jenna to do something about the oil spill in the Gulf?! Love, LW