Friday, March 12, 2010

The Weekly Rundown.

So here it is, Friday again, and I have not one coherent, interesting thought to blog about.
Actually, that's not true: lots has happened but I haven't had a minute to process it or make a generalized comment on the whole thing. All of my time this week has been shuttling this place and that, here and there, getting Alec into his carseat and out of his carseat. Sometimes I forget that the whole reason I started the blog was to document for our families far away what was happening here at the Libutti 5 household and I put all kinds of pressure on myself to come up with something witty and interesting and more macro level.
Well, it was more of a micro-level kind of week.
Here are the highlights:
The weather was beautiful here- a true taste of sunny spring- and Jenna, Alec and I walked down to school three times this week to pick up Michaela and bring her back home. "This is so nice," I thought. "How WONDERFUL that I'm starting to do this the week we put our house up for sale!"
Things were quiet on the house front. We are having an open house on Sunday and hoping for a good turnout. We met with a builder this week and if one or more of our parents dies and leaves us all of their earthly possessions and cash, we could totally swing it. Otherwise, not so much. The house we love is still for sale, so our hope of getting it is still alive.
Michaela had a tough ortho appointment on Thursday, complete with spacer insertions, expander removals, and copious amounts of bleeding gums and crying. Poor thing... she tried really hard to be a trooper but it just hurt too much. She has two appointments next week that should be better. She got her hair cut on Monday and it looks super cute.
Jenna and I and Alec attended a new Story Hour at a neighboring town's library on Thursday and both kids loved it. It's free and attended by people I know and love, which makes it a home run. They heard a story, watched a cute movie, danced, played musical instruments, and did a craft. Wow. We're definitely heading back next week.
I signed up for a month of tanning this week and love it. I know, I know, it's horrible and immoral and practically illegal and bad for everything, but let me tell you: it is ten minutes a few times a week that I am warm, laying down, and no one is asking me for anything. I am mostly doing it because my niece's baptism is in a few weeks and my original plan to lose 40 pounds doesn't appear to be working out (haha... the plan isn't working out and neither am I- get it??) so I decided to look darker instead of thinner. I also went to the dentist so at least I'll be tan with clean teeth. And that's all I can really manage at this point.
I went to Michaela's school to take pictures of the kids in a few classes for the school yearbook, which is always fun. I may be starting to write on a community blog for our local newspaper, which is exciting and should be solidifying in the next few weeks. We went to church on Wednesday night, Dan had a meeting at church Tuesday night, I went on Monday night to Financial Peace University class at church (I'll blog about that another time, but it is awesome), went to Walmart a few times and hit the library to get some new books that I haven't read yet. We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, a possible trip to the Y to go ice skating, and all that is involved in prepping the house for the open house. Add to the mix the five month old baby who is still getting up 2-3 times per night and you can hopefully see why my brain is working on a few cylinders short of a full set. And I don't even know if that makes sense.
Thankfully Alec is unendingly pleasant and cheerful and smiling through it all. He is grabbing for everything he can get his hands on and tries desperately to shove it all in his mouth. He is loving his toys, especially ones that make noise, and is eagerly entertained by his sisters. Michaela started this week wearing the backpack and carrying him around on her back, much to my terror. She's such a stick I can just see her toppling right over with him. But she is super careful and responsible about him, so I think it's okay. (Grandmas who read the blog, rest easy.)
We are heading out to dinner soon and it's Dan's night to get up with Alec, so my mood now is buoyant. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Micro-Schmicro.....I love every word you write and don't need earth-shaking lessons and wisdom in every post! It's such fun to be part of your lives.....I'm excited about your blogging for the Spotlight? Keep us posted.....I may have to subscribe. Good luck Sunday....the house you love sounds GOOD ENOUGH....much better than knocking off your parents! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

Your schedule makes me weep from tiredness! When I watch the kids, all I can do is EXIST let alone DO anything or GO anywhere-you amaze me! SO much excitement and fun-living life to the fullest with your three babies and Dan! It doesn't GET much better than that! Love, Mommy