Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Signs of Spring.

Spring is finally here! We have been blessed this week with gorgeous, warm sunshine and mild temperatures, which makes everyone happy. We have been taking nice walks around the neighborhood, walking home from school, and reacquainting ourselves with our bikes. Softball season is right around the corner, as is Michaela's soccer season. The tulips are even starting to push up and make their appearance.
A few days ago, we went to not one but two playgrounds, met up with some friends, and then the girls weaseled some soft serve ice cream out of me. I have to admit- I did not put up that much of a fight. :)
If you look carefully in the picture of Jenna, you can see her newly-pierced ears. She looks adorable with them. In typical big-sister fashion, they were both going to get them done together, but Michaela had Jenna go first and be the guinea pig. Michaela is still gathering up her courage to get hers done, but is very close.


Anonymous said...

A sure sign of spring-soft ice cream at one of three area places where one ALWAYS meets someone one knows! Before you know it, Alec will also be enjoying ice cream! Love, Mommy/Gammie

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the Tastee Freez....the beginning of Mark's illustrious professional career :) Jennas' new jewelry is darling! Love, LW

The Davies Family said...

I love the first days of spring too! I can't get over how old Michaela looks in the pictures. We can't wait to see you all in less than a week!