Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Michaela's new question.

"Can we go ice skating today?"
Michaela has discovered the joy of a new sport and constantly asks if we can go to our local YMCA and ice skate. She started by gingerly hanging on to the wall the whole way around and is now trying to master one-footed skating, turns and tricks on her own. I brought my camera the other day and captured some of her moves.

I eagerly offered to get her ice skating lessons and she said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" with a vehemence I was surprised by. "Why not?" I asked.
"Becasue I don't want someone COMMANDING me around. I can teach myself."
Commanding? Hmmm. I think it's mostly very sweet 16 year old girls doing the teaching.


Claudia said...

Very good, Michaela! And you know what? Your outfit looks just awesome! I especially like your hooded sweater and the buttons on the trouser legs. Keep skating, cool girl!

Cousin Claudia

Anonymous said...

Those teenage ice skating Nazis ARE just keep doing it yourself, girl! Love, LW